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The Alberta Council of Turnaround Industry Maintenance Stakeholders (ACTIMS) comprises of oilsands owners, heavy industrial maintenance contractors, and labour providers. ACTIMS goal is to ensure that the owner stakeholder’s turnarounds and ongoing maintenance projects are fully staffed with skilled, qualified, experienced, professional tradespeople.

Our tripartite Board of Directors is comprised of an equal number of senior representatives from stakeholder owners, contractors, and labour provider groups.

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The history behind ACTIMS

In early to mid-2000, Alberta was experiencing a lot of new construction activity in the oilsands. As a result, supporting industries in the province were also busy. At the time, sustained growth in the energy sector was projected for the next two decades.

To keep up with this growth, a highly-skilled, qualified workforce was required. As new plants were built, they required maintenance to ensure peak performance and meet standards of certification. The growth of the Canadian trades workforce could not keep pace with the demand, resulting in an acute shortage of construction maintenance trade skills. Trade shortages resulted in new projects and maintenance projects being delayed. The result was huge costs and revenue losses to the oilsands owners.

To reduce the costs and losses, it meant acquiring workers with the right skills and qualifications from other parts of the world to provide the industrial maintenance services and fill the void.

The acquisition of foreign workers also required the approval of federal and provincial governments so that skilled, qualified workers could be brought in quickly during periods of trade shortages. To find a solution and address trade shortages, oilsands owners (Suncor, Syncrude, and Shell) established ACTIMS.


What ACTIMS provides to our stakeholders

The formation of ACTIMS was to ensure that turnarounds and ongoing maintenance projects have skilled, qualified, experienced, professional tradespeople. The way we do this is by analyzing the demand for workers and matching it with available skills to determine any overages or shortages of particular skills.

If a shortage is identified, ACTIMS ensures all necessary government documents are completed to prevent delays in acquiring foreign workers.

ACTIMS oversees and manages programs that stakeholders identify through the Board of Directors. We establish committees comprised of the stakeholders to investigate and find the best solutions for the stakeholders’ needs.

ACTIMS networks with federal, provincial, and municipal governments to ensure that the mandate is not compromised when new regulatory and legislative proposals are being enacted.

In addition, we consolidate and present stakeholder input in a manner that is acceptable to government, the industry, and benefits ACTIMS stakeholders.

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