Carpenters construct, erect and repair buildings and other structures made of wood, wood substitutes, steel and other materials.

Duties vary according to the type of job: – In commercial or industrial jobs, they build concrete forms, scaffolding, bridges, trestles, tunnels, shelters, towers and other structures. – In maintenance jobs, they repair and remodel existing structures of all kinds. – Some carpenters specialize in one type of work such as framing, bench work or finishing work.

Most carpentry tasks involve: – Reading blueprints and/or getting instructions from a supervisor – Doing the layout including selecting materials, planning sequences and methods of work, and measuring and marking materials to avoid costly mistakes or omissions – Cutting and shaping materials and joining them with nails, screws, bolts or glue – Checking completed units to be sure they are level, square, plumb and the right size, shape and location – The primary function will be the safe, efficient erection and dismantling of scaffolding associated with the construction project

Carpenters must work accurately and economically, and follow national and local building codes.

Working Conditions
Carpenters may work alone, in teams or with helpers. Working conditions vary from one job to another. On some jobs carpenters work primarily indoors, are permanently employed and work a regular 40-week. On other jobs, they work primarily outdoors, are subject to seasonal unemployment, and routinely work overtime in peak periods.

There is some risk of injury from slips and falls, falling objects, and sharp hand and power tools.

Project: Suncor / Syncrude / Shell Albian / Shell Scotford

Shift: Days/Nights

Fort McMurray Pay Rate: $42.13

Fort Saskatchewan Pay Rate: $41.38

Notes: Camp Accommodation – Fort McMurray

Preferred Skills:
• Journeyman
• 4th Year Apprentice
• 3rd Year Apprentice
• 2nd Year Apprentice
• 1st Year Apprentice

Positions available in Fort McMurray and Fort Saskatchewan.

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